Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is an attempt at a vehicle render with VRay. Needs a lot more tweaking, but it's getting there.

Monday, October 18, 2010

KZ650 Concepts

here's a couple more concepts that I whipped up for the KZ650 a while ago.

Goes like a rocket...

...and pulls like a tractor. This little baby is my daily ride. It's a Suzuki TL1000R for those who are knowledge challenged. Bikes are cool, cars are for fools

I wish...

Christ air!
I wish I could skate as good as Christian Hosoi. I had this pic on my wall waaaay back when I was a whipper snapper and I loved every little effing millimeter of it.

I don't know art...

Here are a couple of pics I had a crack at making a few months back. Nothing special and actually direct copies of some excellent photos I found on a motorcycle blog somewhere on/in the ether. If they are of your photos please let me know so I can link em. These were called coste, so maybe the photographers name was coste. Oh done in CS4


I am in the process of turning a crappy old KZ650 into a cafe racer. In their stock form they are pretty ordinary bikes, hopefully I can make mine look half decent.
This is my favorite concept I whipped up for it. The white walls prob aren't going to happen as I believe they have a fairly low speed rating, and, well I like to motor along sometimes, so I will most likely just bung some pirelli's on it.

Order Up!

Righto chumps, this is it. A few guys at work have been asking me for months where is my blog, well shut the fuck up coz here it is. I finally pull my finger out on the last day of my employment at Krome.